The choice of hardware and software components determines whether or not your network operates smoothly and efficiently. We examine your requirements and suggest precisely the network technology, routers and switches which would meet your demands, both technical and administrative.

With the help of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), we create secure transmission networks which allow the secure transfer of data in a network involving several company branches. This allows your mobile staff to be connected to the company network.

We help you choose the suitable cable or wireless technology and take responsibility for the necessary quality of service.

Office and business environments require different types of device: some sectors of the manufacturing industry put high demands on routers and switches, for example with water, heat or dirt.

We are your one-stop shop for everything: we procure and configure all devices, install them into your network and provide the necessary support. Our stock of hardware at our business headquarters means that we are able quickly to replace faulty devices.

We work with strategic partners on a vendor neutral basis.