The security demands faced by your network are rising. Infiltration by criminals; viruses and worms; unsecured software and hardware, uncontrolled access to buildings and networks, the theft or improper use of data: all these put your network and your company’s success in jeopardy.

The use of wireless technology such as WLAN or the combination of data and voice networks with VoIP poses new challenges.

We guarantee a high level of security for your entire network infrastructure, be it in LAN, WAN or MAN, industrial Ethernet or VoIP.

Our staff install the current security technology, protocols, firewalls, intrusion-prevention solutions and early warning systems: we protect your network from unauthorised access.

If you wish, we can constantly monitor your network using a network management system. This allows us promptly to spot irregularities and take quick action.

We keep all network components completely up-to-date with the latest technological developments and update your software as required: sensitive company data is thus protected by the newest security measures.

Close circuit television and access controls ensure that only authorised personnel can enter secure, sensitive premises and computer centres.