With the right Video Conferencing Solution (VCS) the world of remote global sites and multiple home offices can be coordinated at the touch of a button. The communication with Customers and Suppliers becomes much less complicated. It will cut your corporate travel costs dramatically and on a “Green” note, greatly reduce your organizations Carbon Footprint. The Video Conferencing Solutions of today use HD Sound and Video to facilitate highly realistic participant interaction, greatly surpassing that of telephone and email communication.

In the past due to high cost, Video Conferencing was a technology for large corporations. Technological developments in recent years now mean that Video Conferencing Solutions have become an interesting prospect for the Small to Medium Enterprise.

Through consultation, we will advise you of the solution that best suits your requirements and implement this solution according to your individual needs. Together with our technology partner LifeSize Communications we offer you a full range of Video Conferencing products. From compact solutions for use in the small and mobile office, to Video Conferencing Solutions designed for use in theaters and auditoriums, we can design a solution to meet your individual needs.

We can offer Point-to-Point solutions for direct communication between business partners up to fully integrated Multi-Call-Units designed to host multiple participant calls for larger meetings. The key to our success is user friendliness, meaning any member of staff can use the facility without complicated user guides and expensive training. LifeSize achieve this through a highly intuitive “Icon” based user interface, a model that almost everyone can relate to with today’s Smartphone culture.

These aspects aside, all users, regardless of the investment benefit from HD communications, even mobile client users across Android and iOS devices such as Tablets and Smartphones. LifeSize achieve this using a MCU-Architecture (Multipoint Control Unit) developed by them for this purpose.

Scalability is of course key. This solution allows you to concentrate on the current requirements and easily develop your Video Conferencing infrastructure as required over time. Additional LifeSize features such as the recording and streaming of Video conferences, network management and secure NAT-/Firewall- transition can be implemented at any later stage.

Our specialists are always available for consultation and are happy to support you in this area.