VoIP links two worlds: IT and telecommunications. The convergence of voice and data networks has far-reaching benefits: VoIP means that different branches and mobile employees can be connected to your company network flexibly and cheaply. Staff working from home or on mobile workstations can be called on their work numbers and access the same applications as in the office.

We give you individual advice on the areas of your company where VoIP could be effectively and efficiently installed. We also help you transfer from traditional telephone systems to IP-based communication.

We use network analysis to ensure we install the optimal VoIP solution for your network:

Our solutions introduce you step by step to VoIP telephony and combine analogue, digital, DECT and IP-based technology. We connect VoIP solutions smoothly and efficiently into your existing infrastructure, ensuring that your investment pays off.

With managed service, support and training we help you meet the increased demands on network access and availability: we ensure your company is always connected.

We use the most up-to-date security technology to ensure the secured transmission of voice data packages.