Bundling Carrier Channels

If your organization is experiencing problems with limited Bandwidth, or you do not have sufficient network coverage, the bundling of multiple carrier data channels could be an alternative.

Our technology partner Viprinet has developed a globally unique product which allows the consolidation of data channels from multiple carriers to a single virtual broadband channel. It enables the combination of connections such as DSL or Cable with UMTS, LTE, or HSAP+ radio based media, generating a combined bandwidth virtual channel for the end user.

Together with you, our specialists will help determine which data carriers and technical components best suit your specific requirements. Based on this consultation process, we can integrate the correct router type and hub model into your current IT infrastructure. The patented process combines the individual carrier bandwidths in a single channel, defining it from other technologies which employ a "Load Balancing" strategy to distribute the load over the separate channels.

Through the aggregation of cost-efficient Consumer-Connectivity such as ADSL and Mobile Data, this process offers a cost effective alternative to traditional leased-lines and technologies such as Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), solutions which can be very expensive in rural areas and deliver virtually no in-built redundancy.

With the implementation of our Viprinet Solution, you are guaranteed almost 100% redundancy through the combination of different broadband media, ideally across different data carriers.

For example, applications such as professional video streaming, connectivity challenges such as the wide area networking of multiple sites or the implementation of broadband connectivity in transport vehicles are all realizable at low cost using this technology.

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